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Portugal - Lisbon - LIP
6-8 October 2008

Portugal info

Portugal is the most western country of continental Europe, and is a member of the European Union. Nice weather, good food, wonderful beaches and hospitallity of the people will welcome you to Portugal. The portuguese currency is the EURO, the european currency. To know more about Portugal you may take a look at The Virtual Tourist (Portugal's Official Tourism Website) or at Portugal-info.

Lisbon info
Lisbon is a nice city located on the hills in front of the Tagus river, near the Atlantic Ocean.
To make a virtual visit to Lisbon, take a look at: Lisbon Coast, Lisbon News, Lisbon Maps
Visit Parque das Nações, all located along the Tagus river front.

City Transports:
Metropolitan - Network map
Bus - Network map, Dawn network map
Rail Way - Network map (urban), Network map (regional)

Find the places to visit and walk around Lisbon. Click here

Useful Information
Weather Forecast
Short-term weather forecast is available through the National Portuguese Weather Service
Long-range weather previsions can be obtained at this site.