eugridpma Meeting

Portugal - Lisbon - LIP
6-8 October 2008

How to go from the airport

From Bus
The cheapest way to go out from airport. The cost will be € 1.20. The ticket can be bought in the bus. Listed below are the bus route numbers with the respective names of their 'end of the line' terminals. The airport stop is located mid-journey for these routes.

N.º 5 - Estação do Oriente / Aeroporto / Areeiro - Operates only Monday to Friday
N.º 22 - Portela / Aeroporto / Marquês de Pombal - Operates every day
N.º 44 - Moscavide / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré - Operates every day
N.º 45 - Prior Velho / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré - Operates every day
N.º 83 - Portela / Aeroporto / Amoreiras - Operates only Monday to Friday
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If you are hosted at "Hotel Alif" Bus 44, 45 and 83 are the best choices. After you pick the bus you should exit at "Campo Pequeno/Av. República".
If you are hosted at "Hotel AS" you should take Bus 5 or 22 and exit at "Areeiro". Then you should take the subway in "Areeiro station", direction Cais do Sodré and exit in "Alameda station".

From Taxi
This is the best way to go out from airport and the most expensive. The cost will be between €10 and €15 to go to hotels and Meeting location. There are two taxi stands within the perimeter of the airport, one at arrivals and the other at departures. The fare on the taxi meter should read 2.35€ (daytime pick-up) or 2.50€ (night time pick-up). Outside the city limits, fare rates must be calculated based on the number of kilometres travelled and the established price per kilometre.The transport of baggage or animals implies a surcharge of 1.60€. When you decide to take a taxi, get prior information about the prices. You may get information and obtain a Taxi Voucher at the Tourism Information Counter in the atrium of the Arrivals Hall.

* An additional 20% is charged for services on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and for night service from the hours of 09:00pm to 06:00am.
** We advise you to take the taxi from the departure (1 level up) and not from the arrival.